The demand for skin brightening products has surged! Uneven skin tone, or hyperpigmentation, is the result of an over production of melanin. Safe alternatives give you options over questionable skin lighteners including Hydroquinone.

​Our skin brightening products ensure a new era in brightening. Thanks in part to awareness that UV light leads to advanced aging and skin cancer, tanning is falling out of favor as a sign of health.

These products delivers skin brightening results without the use of potentially damaging lightening ingredients that can impact skin health. In addition to many ingredients that have proven to safely and effectively treat hyperpigmentation by reducing  the synthesis of melanin  on a cellular level for brighter, more even skin.

Don't delay in brightening and lightening your skin! The future is here!

​The signs of progressive aging begin to manifest in the mid 20s, and continue to increase with time. A myriad of changes are associated with aging, ranging from hormonal changes and acne break up  to the affects of cumulative sun damage to the continued effects other environmental and social stresses. The primary cause of the appearance of aging skin is photodamage (sun damage).

Our skin line  and all products available at our office  represent a breakthrough in anti-aging technology, designed to address the specific needs of individuals experiencing these time-related changes to improve the appearance of wrinkles, under-eye circles, discoloration and general skin tone and texture,while medically treating acne break up  in teen and adult acne alike.

Our products are known to deliver long lasting results while using only natural ingredients ,we will work deliginently with you to ensure you get the  wanted results ...You have our committed  expert team at your side 24/7...


lman AL-Haj MD skin  Line:

To complement our unique and specialized techniques and procedures, we also offer a superior skin care product line, scientifically formulated with top active ingredients which have been clinically proven to deliver excellent results within a short period of time. We affirm that the use of sunblock is paramount for any skin care regimen and believe that sunblock is the best anti-aging product anyone can use. Try our compounding state-of-art facelift line.

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