Laser Facial Rejeunavation with Fraxel:​ CO2 Smartskin by Cynosure

Erase years off your face using latest non-invasive technology  with minimal downtime with ​​CO2 laser Technique.  Results would last years!

The invention of laser resurfacing is a very well researched tool in  total body rejuvenation. Under digital control the power, depth and the distance between dots determine the downtime of the procedure and the healing time required.

Patient should undergo the procedure under sterile technique with eye shields to protect the cornea and prevent injury.

Patient should understand the post procedure instruction and comply with them for best results.

excellent for non surgical facelift could be performed along with fat grafting face ,filler and Botox for younger age group.

Laser resurfacing with CO2 may last up to 2-3 years pending maintenance and initial depth of the treatment.

​Below is a website that shows you real life patients with amazing results after using the Fraxel Laser.​ 

This invasive procedure  allow complete resurfacing of your skin erasing  years off your face, sun damage  repair of your face/hands  and neck with minimal downtime  in comparison to the traditional method.​​

 The Doctors features Dr. Bruce Katz and Cynosure's SmartSkin CO2 laser.​​

See this laser procedure around the eyelids. The only alternative ​procedure to the knife for the treatment of bags and wrinkles around the​

Can be performed on the  face,around the eyes ,neck ,decolletage and hands 

It can also be used to improve surgical scars and scars resulting from Burn . 


Before CO2
After CO2 & Liquid Facelift
Before CO2
After CO2
Before CO2
After CO2
Before CO2 Laser
After CO2 Laser
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